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Rip DVD(Disc, ISO, Folder) / Bypass Copy Protection (CSS, Region COde, RCE, Disney X-project DRM)

Useful tips for access all DVD encryption technologies, including DVD CSS, region code, RCE, Sony ArccOS, UOPs, Disney X-project DRM. Besides, it is being continuously updated so as to handle all your DVD backup requirements for any new protected DVDs.

[Modified Solution] How to Play Blu-Ray with VLC Media Player on Windows
VLC Media Player is presumably the default media player on many people's computers. It is so popular not only because it is free and cross-platform, but also has powerful decoding and playback capabilities.

Stress-free Guide - How to Rip Blu-ray with HandBrake
Now everyone should have a ton of Blu-ray discs, we all know that many Blu-ray discs come with digital copies.

How to Bypass or Remove DVD UOPs Protection?
You may not be familiar with DVD UOPs, but you've probably experienced movie trailers, commercials, FBI warnings and other copyright warnings that cannot be skipped while watching a DVD.

How to Convert and Burn Videos from Camcorder to DVD Disk?
Camcorder, which has been popular around the world for decades, is widely acclaimed for its portable and self-contained characters.

Guide on How to Play DVD on PS4 without Internet
It’s a brilliant idea to watch movies on PS4, but first-timers may fail, when trying to play DVD or Blu-ray disc on their PlayStation 4.

Download Movie ISOs from Own DVD Disks
Manifold DVD disks make it hard to store themselves. Now that we live in the digital age, why not download movie ISO from DVD discs?

The 7 Best Beginner Yoga DVDs – Improve Both the Body and Mind Fitness
Here is the list of the 7 best beginner Yoga DVDs for people who start learning Yoga at home. Besides, if you have collected a package of fitness DVDs and want to copy videos from them to handily follow the exercise videos in your office or outdoor.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Play and Watch DVD Movies on HP Laptop
Are you intending to enjoy some DVD movies with the Hewlett-Packard laptop you’ve just bought, but have no clue about how to?

What Does Ripping a CD Mean?
As many kinds of digital music services and platforms are readily available for users to purchase and listen to songs on portable devices.

How to Overpass and Play Japan DVD Region Movies in US?
How to play Japan DVD region movies without Japanese DVD players? To purchase a new DVD player in region 2 will cost you a lot and make it troublesome to reconnect DVD players with TVs.

Remove Region Code for USA DVD Disk and Play On Various Portable Devices
DVD region-code prevents us from playing DVD videos from USA when we are in other region-code nations. Besides the region-code protection...

[Resolved] Can I Play BUP Files on Windows?
Follow this post to learn how to properly play BUP files on Windows computers. Meanwhile, we suggest converting a Video_TS folder including with BUP files to a digital video for playing.

MTS Video Editor – Trim, Crop, Rotate, Add Effect and Watermark to MTS Videos
Have you ever want a quite easy-operating MTS video editor? Now, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro can be your best choice.

[After Effect MKV] How to Import MKV to After Effect CC/CS4/CS5/CS6 for Proper Video Editing
Does Adobe After Effects support MKV import? Whatever the AE version, the answer is negative.

[Tutorial] Convert MKV Movie or MKS to SRT Subtitles with Two Free and Easy Approaches
On this page, you’ll learn how to convert Matroska subtitles/MKS subtitles file to SRT, so as to take the advantage of the versatility and wide range compatibility of the later.

How to Implement Efficient Plex HEVC Playback with the Least Quality Loss
If some problems occur during your Plex HEVC playback, this page might be helpful. The reasons that Plex failed to play HEVC videos vary.

[How to] Fix DaVinci Resolve Can't Import MKV, MP4, AVI, etc. Issue and Convert Videos to DaVinci Best Parameter Setting
Can't import video to DaVinci Resolve? Videos in unpopular formats, especially many MKVs, some MP4s, AVIs, and those you captured by devices like MiniDV might not be supported by DaVinci Resolve.

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Convert video

Convert Video, HD Video, Audio to any Format and Hot Devices

These useful tips will help you convet any media files includes AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV, MKV, M4V, FLV, SWF, VOB, MP3, AAC, AC3, FLAC and over 100 hot devices iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Andorid cell phone (Samung, HTC, Sony, Blackberry, Nokia).

How to Make Square Videos on a Computer or Mobile Phone?
Square videos is an effective approach to attract viewers to some extent on social media platforms based on universal searches and data analysis.

Three Methods to Rotate Video in Windows 10 With Great Ease
Many multimedia applications provide video rotation features to users, such as VLC media player. It is what I used to rotate video in Windows 10 as an example in this article.

[2020 Review] Top 12 VLC Alternatives Desired
VLC provides users with massive features that help users play videos freely. But when coming to needs that VLC cannot meet, we have to turn to VLC alternatives.

How to Crop in After Effects: Four Steps (with Pictures)
Don't be frightened by the fiddly settings and complex interface of After Effects. The way to crop in After Effects is actually much easier than you expect. And this article is about how to complete the task.

FFmpeg Resize Video – How to Compress Video Via FFmpeg or Its Alternative
FFmpeg is widely used among super users for varied video procession goals. But for novices here, it is not easy to use FFmpeg. If you are also finding FFmpeg tutorials, you came to the right page. In this article, you will learn three usual methods to FFmpeg resize videos.

[How-to Guide] Simple Method to Loop Video in Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player may be a familiar stranger on your desktop. You have to face it every day, but do not have a deep understanding about it. Indeed, even quite a few people have no idea about how to loop video in Windows Media Player.

[2020 Review] The Top 12 Video Compression Software for PC
There is a large amount of video compression software in the market. You are able to get them with costs or freely. But among these varied compressors, how to find the one that is most suitable for your needs?

[Already Confirmed] The Only Credible Method to Convert WPP to MP3
Hey guys! It seems you've run into a stone wall at WPP to MP3 conversion issue. Yes, you're not alone. Mr. Helper is right here to disabuse you from misunderstanding.

Two Options on How to Convert MPEG to MOV
Many MPEG videos cannot be played on MOV players. Why? How can I convert MPEG to MOV and play them with MOV players smoothly?

How to Change Video Orientation
Wrong video orientation creates supernumerary black-bars and other viewing issues when watching videos. How to change video orientation for a better viewing experience?

How to Solve Windows Media Player No Sound Problems?
When you see this article, I guess you have most likely met that Windows Media Player doesn’t play sound. We have summarized the popular and useful methods to deal with the Windows Media Player no sound issues in the following part.

[MP3 to M4B] How to Create an M4B Audiobook from a Collection of MP3 Files?
Speaking of audiobooks, you'll naturally think of Amazon Audible, Scribd, Rakuten OverDrive and other subscription-based audiobook services.

SWF File Player l How to Open SWF Files on a Computer?
A SWF file player is the best way to run and view SWF files. We have rounded up a package of reliable and functional SWF players for you.

Guide on How to Add Addons to Kodi Leia on Windows PC in 2020
Hi there, newbie to Kodi! You must can’t wait to get started on your Kodi journey, the good news, you are only one step away.

How to Get Free Ringtones? Three Practical Methods without Cost
We have come up with three good methods on how to get free ringtones. Scroll down and follow the instruction below.

How to Import and Edit HEVC Video in Adobe Premiere Pro without Any Hassle
HEVC/H.265 is undoubtedly a very efficient video compression format nowadays, which is adopted by more and more 4K high-definition shooting and recording devices as the default setting.

Step by Step Guide on How to Install the Latest Kodi 18/Leia on Windows 10
The latest version of Kodi: Kodi 18, aka Kodi Leia has been released. Follow the detailed guide to learn how to install Kodi on your Windows 10 computer in 2020.

Easy and High Quality Minecraft Recorder l How to Record Minecraft Gameplay?
Many gamers take pleasure in playing Minecraft and like to record gameplay for sharing so we offer a simple method on how to record Minecraft gameplay in this article.

3 Methods to Fix Audio out of Sync Issue after Importing Video into Adobe Premiere Pro
I once received an email from a user asking for help. He occasionally encountered the audio sync drift issue when using Adobe Premiere Pro for video post-editing.

How to Let Audacity Merge Tracks into a Longer Audio File?
If you have installed Audacity on your computer, you can make use of it to complete lots of audio editing tasks.

AV1 VS HEVC - Quick Guide about Two Video Codec
There are many articles describing AV1 and HEVC, which contains a lot. In order to make every understand the difference between two codecs, that is what the article is introduced to you for.

Basic Technical Information about Best Codecs for Video
Want to convert video files with better compression ratio? Have no idea on best codecs for video? Do not worry, this is the reason why you see this article.

[Novice Guide] How to Cut Clips in After Effects?
Many novices are tempted by the powerful and professional video editing functions of After Effects and want to give it a try.

[Newest Tutorial] How to Change Aspect Ratio in Premiere Pro 2020
Adobe Premiere becomes an industry leader with its outstanding video editing capabilities. More and more people trend to learn how to use Premiere to edit their videos.

[VBR vs CBR] Which One Do You Prefer for Video Encoding/Transcoding?
VBR vs CBR are widely used in the vigorous development of digital media nowadays, However, due to their different characteristics, the application and usage also vary.

[Tutorial] How to Free and Effortlessly Convert SMI to SRT and Vice Versa
On this page, I’ll introduce you a free and practical program that can conduct efficient, stable and fast SMI SRT subtitle conversions – SMI to SRT or SRT to SMI.

[Accessible Guide] How to Convert M4A to MP3 with Windows Media Player
Although Windows Media Player 12 have already added full support to play M4A file in either AAC or Apple Lossless format.

[How to] Free and Effortlessly Convert VTT and SRT to Each Other
If you’re having some WebVTT subtitle files, using .vtt as file extensions, and you’d like to convert them to SRT(.srt) for better compatibility.

3 Verified Solutions - How to Sync Subtitles with Movie Seamlessly
I think quite a few people may experience a very annoying situation when watching movies and TV programs in non-native languages.

How to Split Tracks in Audacity and Export Them to Your PC
You can follow this tutorial to learn how to split tracks in Audacity from a large audio file so as to only keep the parts you need, extract a single track into multiple tracks, save some audio effects, etc.

How to Convert FLAC to MP3 with VLC Media Player?
In the following article, there is a handy way to convert FLAC to MP3 with VLC Media Player, which assists you to process this conversion casually.

The RIGHT and FREE Move on How to Convert BDMV to MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, etc.
Please note: BDMV files, with .bdmv as the file extension, are descriptive files only and not actual video files, meaning it’s pointless to convert them to video formats like Matroska (MKV).

FFmpeg Tutorial 101 - FFmpeg MKV to MP4 Conversion
Many desktop and online converters encode multimedia files with certain encoder and prevent users from modifying encoder.

How to Trim & Cut Video in Adobe Premiere Pro 2020
As you know, Adobe Premiere, an industry-leading video editing tool acknowledged by video editing enthusiasts and filmmakers, is one of the indispensable programs for special-effects production and post-editing in many movies and TV shows.

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Download YouTube Video

Download & Convert Online Video

Download and convert YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Liveleak, Metacafe videos.

How to Set Kodi Password to Protect Your Privacy and Private Content?
When you have Kodi installed and configured on your device, there may be some private media folders or add-ons that you don't want to be accessible by others.

(March 2020) How to Install Working The Crew Addon on Kodi Leia & Krypton
The Crew is one of the best all-in-one addons on Kodi in 2020 that has outdone most similar ones.

How to Watch Sky Sports on Kodi: Detailed Steps with Pictures
Is there any easy way to integrate Sky Sports channels with Kodi media center so I can watch Sky Sports on Kodi?

Two Simple Methods to Change Language in Kodi Leia
If you are a non-English speaking user, after the installation of Kodi, in order to easily familiarize yourself with Kodi's various features and operations, you first need to change the default language to your native language.

[2020] How to Install Fusion on Kodi?
Fusion offers loads of third-party add-ons and tools which can be installed on Kodi and give users various ways to stream movies, videos, music, and other media contents.

Top 7 Kodi Alternatives in 2020
Kodi indeed is a wonderful solution to stream and watch media files on local and network storage media, and from the Internet, but it’s still a wise choice to find some alternatives to Kodi against unexpected scenarios.

How to Install Git Browser Addon to Use GitHub on Kodi (March 2020)
Git Brower is a practical addon installer that helps us to install addons on Kodi from countless sources hosted on Github directly.

[Kodi Indigo Add-on] A Prominent Maintenance Kit for Kodi
It is obvious that Kodi will gets a little bloated and obtuse after a period of use over time. So the maintenance tools are necessary for people who want to clean and optimize Kodi, and Indigo is a recommended add-on to hit the mark.

Top 17 Video Streaming Websites to Watch Chinese Movies, Series, Episodes, Drama Online Free in 2020
Everyone should try learning some Mandarin, since it’s profound, intriguing, catchy and popular worldwide. And watching movies and TV serial has always been a terrific way of joyful language learning.

Top 10 Free Stock Photo Sites with Massive High Quality Photo Collections
Are you looking for eye-opening and astonishing free stock photos for your blog or website? Don’t pass up the best 10 free stock photo sites.

How to Record Facebook Videos - Video Calls, Live Stream, and Other Activities
HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a handy screen recorder. It enables you to record Facebook videos including live videos, video chats, and any other video activates on Facebook.

Guide on How to Install the Working Kodi Exodus Addon on Kodi Leia (Feb 2020)
Follow this guide to learn about what is Exodus exactly, what it does for you, and how to install the latest working Kodi Exodus addon on Kodi in February 2020.

Guide on How to Install the Working Kodi Neptune Rising Addon on Kodi (Feb 2020)
From this tutorial, you’ll learn about Neptune Rising Kodi addon, and how to install the latest working Kodi Neptune Rising addon on your Kodi in Feb 2020.

How to Update Kodi to the Latest Stable Version on Windows with Settings & Configurations Preserved
As of February 2020, the latest stable version of Kodi is the Kodi v18.5 "Leia". This page will show you the detailed guide on how to update Kodi to the latest version without losing addon settings, configurations, builds, anything.

Y2mate Review and Bummer Fix – Things You Should Know When Using Y2mate.com
Nowadays, free downloading videos from YouTube for ads-free, no buffering offline playback has become a major need, and Y2mate.com is a good tool for that job. But has it ever occurred to you that free.

How to Download Movies to USB Flash Drive?
Today we elaborate on how to download movies to USB. After downloading movies to a USB flash drive, we can freely play the movies on TV or other devices including an available USB port.

Comprehensive Methods for All Downloads from Link to Video
Actually, it is hard to download all embed videos from the Internet using one method. In this article, I will introduce several methods for you.

How to Slow Down a YouTube Video Online and Offline
When watching an interested video on YouTube, if a scene flashes instantly, in order not to miss important moment, most people usually expect to slow down the video to view the details.

Facebook Video Editor - How to Edit Videos for Facebook?
In order to make people post more fascinating videos on social platforms, many software makers have released a number of video editors.

How to Enable the Installation of Addon from Unknown Sources on kodi Leia & Krypton
Can hardly wait to enjoy the juicy Kodi addons? Before getting too itchy, note that for security reason, Kodi doesn’t allow you to install third-party addons by default.

5 Online Slideshow Makers for Making a Stunning Photo Slideshow
Do you want to make a stunning photo slideshow for your wedding, birthday party, or other celebrations?

[2020] Step-by-step Guide on How to Install IPTV + EPG on Kodi Leia & Krypton
Do you know how to use Kodi IPTV to stream live TV, Time-shifted media, or VOD? And do you know how to add scheduling information to your favorite TV shows?

The Overall Approaches to Download Korean Movies in 2020
For many youngsters, Korean movies have much attraction for their touching plots and handsome actors or actresses, so there are millions of people love Korean movies.

How to Create M3U8 Playlist for IPTV in Notepad
If you would like to enjoy live TV without an actual television, then what you need is simply a M3U8 playlist file.

3 Mr. Bean Videos Download Methods to Help You Download All Mr. Bean Video Series
Mr. Bean is a British sitcom that is popular with people from all over the world. Many families are fond of watching Mr. Bean videos and want to search for all Mr. Bean videos to download on TVs or mobile devices for enjoying offline.

How to Upload Long Videos to YouTube?
You can check out this tutorial on how to upload long videos to YouTube below, in which we will show you the detailed steps to break the restriction of YouTube default video upload length.

How to Make a Video Longer for Instagram?
In addition to the maximum video file length limit, Instagram also has the minimum video length restriction.

Three 100% Workable and Free Ways for Japanese Music Download in 2020
You might have an idea of downloading more Japanese music not only anime music. But where can we download Japanese songs?

Several Ways to Access to Deleted YouTube Videos
There’s no denying that YouTube videos have become, more than leisure time recreation, a major part of our life.

3 Ways about How to Send Large Files
We all know that file download and transfer speed will be influenced by its size. If the size of a file is too big, the transmission and download process will take you much time.

The 8 Best Sites Like Fmovies of All Time
Here is a list of the 8 best sites like Fmovies. Meanwhile, we assemble 100% workable Fmovies mirror sites at the last part.

The Most Comprehensive 3D Movies Download Methods in 2020
Now, 3D movies are getting surprisingly popular and more and more spectators are fond of going to the cinema to watch this type of movie...

2 Workable Methods to Download TS Videos
There are many video-sharing sites that uploading and sharing videos in several parts of TS clips, which makes it hard to download the entire video. You may have tried to download all the TS clips.

How to Fix Google Drive MP4 Playback Issue on PC & Smartphone?
If you have some MP4 videos stored on your devices, such as computer, iPhone, iPad or Android phone, and Google Drive is also installed on these devices...

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Convert Apple Video

Convert DVD and Video to Apple Devices

Over 100 tips help you convert DVD and video to iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPhone mini, iPad 2, Apple TV, etc.

PlayStation 4 Movie Streaming Solution: How to Play Movies on PS4 from USB Drive
As we know, PlayStation 4 serves more than just a video game console, it’s also a versatile media streamer that works perfectly for your home theatre.

Xbox 360 MP4 Video Converter l Play MP4 Videos on Xbox 360 Without a Hitch
Xbox 360 is supposed to play MP4 files as the official website says. However, there are some scenarios in which people can’t cut it.

The 5 Best Free Music Apps for Android Devices in 2020
Nowadays, a number of people are fond of enjoying music on mobile devices for convenience, but they have tried many music applications and failed to find an optimized one for themselves.

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