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How to Post a Video on Reddit On PC and Mobile?

Author by Cooper

Updated on Feb 15, 2023

Reddit provides us with lots of useful and funny content, including images, links and videos. But if we want to upload our video to Reddit, how can we make it? In this article, I will introduce a detailed tutorial on how to post a video on Reddit to you, check it out. I will also provide a solution for avoiding the uploading problems caused by unsupported format with the help of a professional video converter. If you have already encountered a similar problem, download the converter first for preparation.

Reddit, one of the most popular websites in the United States, attracts countless users to register and participate in the discussions of their own interest in more than 138,000 active subreddits. Redditors are also allowed to post photos, links, text-based posts, and videos in corresponding subreddits. At the same time, with such a large user base, many problems inevitably arise. For example, every month, nearly 1,000 people search the Internet for how to post a video on Reddit. That is to say, this is why you read this article here. Read on for the detailed tutorials on how to upload video to Reddit.

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Part 1. How to Upload Video to Reddit on PC?

Have not registered and signed inHave not registered and signed in

In 2017, Reddit's in-house video uploading service for desktop and mobile launched. Users do not need to waste time using 3rd-party tools to upload videos anymore. But for users who seldom post contents or are read-only Redditors, uploading videos on desktop may cause them a lot of trouble. Now, let me first introduce the desktop way on how to post a video on Reddit.

Step 1. Sign in and Create Post

Sign in and Create PostSign in and Create Post

To upload videos on Reddit, you should first register to be a Redditor. After that, you will be asked to follow some subreddits you are interested in. Then, Reddit will navigate you to a new home page that is different from the former when you have not registered and signed in. Then, click Create Post.

Step 2. Edit Your Video Post

Edit your video postEdit your video post

In the center of the new post creating page, you can see the editing area. Click Image & Video tab first. Then, drag and drop your videos here or click the UPLOAD button to choose videos from hard drive. As soon as you add a video, the upload process will begin automatically.

Next, above the video area, you can fill in a title up to 300 words. Last, you must choose a community by clicking the inverted triangle and filling keywords. Please keep in mind that the community and the title are necessary for uploading posts on Reddit. In some communities, you may further be asked for sending a request for uploading to the subreddit managers.

Step 3. Post the Uploaded Video and Share It

Have not registered and signed inHave not registered and signed in

Now, as soon as your selected video is uploaded, click the blue Post button to share your video. Please remember that Reddit has strict rules prohibiting harassment. You should better check the Reddit's content policy and practice good reddiquette. It is also worth mentioning that there is a connection sharing option on the bottom of the editing page, click it and connect your other accounts if you want to share the video to multiple social platforms.

Part 2. How to Post a Video on Reddit Mobile

Reddit MobileReddit Mobile

Compared to PC posting, posting videos on mobile seems to be easier. Let us check the steps out.

Step 1. Open and Sign in Reddit App.

Step 2. Edit the Video Post. Click the pencil-shaped button on the center bottom of the main interface of the Reddit app. Then click the VIDEO button to enter the editing window. The elements that need to be edited consist of Community, Title, and the video file. Reddit allows you to select videos from LIBRARY or record one right now.

Step 3. Click the POST button on the right-top corner to start the posting process. If you have encountered the video format issue, scroll down. Solutions for the PC as well as the mobile are offered.

Congratulations on Your Success!

Uploading issuesUploading issues

Now, you have posted your video on Reddit successfully. Only if you follow the policy, your friends and other Redditors can view your posts anytime and anywhere. In case, if you have failed in uploading videos as shown in the right video. You can see that Reddit only supports videos in MOV and MP4, which means Reddit will not accept your video if it is not encoded into the formats. To solve this problem, I recommend a professional video converter – WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. With the help of it, you can convert videos into MOV or MP4 with ease. Now let's take a look at the simple tutorial on how to convert videos into MP4.

User Guideline on Fixing Uploading Format Issue

Fix uploading format issue

Step 1. Free downloadFree download install and launch it. In the main interface, click Converter first.

Step 2. Drag and drop your videos therein or click Add Files to import videos.

Step 3. Choose the right output format, i.e. MP4 or MOV, under the Video tab.

Step 4. Click Run to start conversion, it will only take you seconds to minutes.

By the way, HD Video Converter Factory Pro can also help you compress the video you want to upload so that it will cost you less time to upload the file. Additionally, you can also use this application to edit videos, such as trimming videos, cropping videos and add effects into videos.


Now, you have learned the tutorials on how to post a video on Reddit on PC and mobile. If you think it is useful, please “upvote” this article to more users for helping solve the problem of uploading videos to Reddit.

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