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How to Post a GIF on Instagram to Share with the Public?

Author by Blues

Updated on July 11, 2022

Nowadays, Instagram plays an important role in social networking sites. It allows people to post their favorite videos and images (including GIFs) to share with other people. However, some people have no idea how to post a GIF on Instagram exactly and easily. It doesn't matter as this article will teach you to solve this problem. You can convert your own GIFs to videos with the recommended software mentioned in this article as well.

GIFs are fun, fascinating, and dramatic, and many people love to use them to express their emotions when communicating with friends on WeChat, or even on many social websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. However, do you know how to post a GIF on Instagram and similar kinds of social websites? If you are looking for the corresponding solutions, this article will be the destination point. In the following ways, you can convert your own unique GIFs to upload to Instagram. This process will be interesting, let's go!

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Method 1 - Post GIF on Instagram on a Free GIF Website

When we speak of GIF maker, the web app called Giphy should be come up with. The superiority of Giphy is that it works on browsers without any installation packages. You can search for the most interesting GIFs that catch your eyes or upload your GIFs to the site and use this web app to make a fifteen seconds video in MP4 format and post it to your personal Instagram page. However, this process requires you to submit your email address. Let me demonstrate the detailed steps.


Step 1. Open Giphy website: You will see many GIFs on the homepage.

Step 2. This online tool will ask you to log in to your personal account like a Facebook account. So, please log in this site firstly.

Step 3. Input keywords into the search box to search for the GIFs you desire or you can upload your GIFs from local folder by hitting the Upload button on the top of the page to add the GIFs as well.

Step 4. Choose a GIF you want to upload to Instagram and enter the GIF detail page. Select Instagram upload button located on the right hand side of the GIF under “Share It!” in the GIF detail page.

Step 5. Enter your email address and hit Send Via Email button. Giphy will send an .mp4 GIF video to your email box.

Step 6. Open your email and download the GIF video. Finally, you can upload GIF to Instagram.

Method 2 - How to Put GIFs on Instagram with a Desktop GIF Converter?

If you need a more convenient method that doesn't need to upload GIFs over and over again, do not miss out this option. Here is a GIF converter - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, which can help you convert your GIF to a video. Moreover, this software supports converting Facebook videos to GIFs, downloading Twitter GIFs and so on. Now, head to the following steps to learn about how to post a GIF on Instagram by conversion it to a video.

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The Tutorial of How to Post a GIF on Instagram by Conversion

Import a gif

Before converting GIF to a video, free downloadfree download and install WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro on PC.

Step 1. Import a GIF

Open this software and choose the Converter option. Then, drag your GIF files into the conversion window.

Choose MP4 format

Step 2. Choose MP4 Format

Click on the Output Format button on the right side of the conversion window, then select MP4 format under the Video tab. If you want to choose other video formats like converting GIF to AVI, just choose the corresponding video format.

TIPS: If you want to crop GIF, add watermark into GIF and complete other video editing tasks with its built-in video editor, just select the corresponding editing option under the inputted GIF file. The Parameter settings below the Output Format button also allow you to modify the output video settings.

Start the conversion process

Step 3. Start the Conversion Process

Hit the inverted triangle icon to decide the output folder to save your converted MP4 video. Lastly, press Run button to start the conversion process. Now, you can add GIF to Instagram.


OK, these are the two methods to post GIF on Instagram. Compared with method one, the second one has many advantages. It not only can convert GIFs to video files, but also offers an easy-to-use GIF maker so that you can make GIFs according to your preference. Download and enjoy it!

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WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

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