The Best Way to Solve HandBrake Copy Protection Ripping Fail
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How to Solve HandBrake Copy Protection Ripping Fail with the Best Way

How to fix HandBrake copy-protected DVDs problem is what this article talks about. You can follow this article to rip any DVD without HandBrake DVDs ripping problems. Or use the alternative to HandBrake to remove DVD copy protection and rip DVDs at one go:

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Updated on Sep 6, 2022

Free DVD Ripper
Free DVD Ripper
A powerful HandBrake alternative with advanced DVD decryption technology and zero-difficulty operation. It provides the best solution for the HandBrake Protected DVD copy problem.
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How to Copy Both Home-made DVDs and Copy Protected DVDs with HandBrake

HandBrake encrypted DVD

HandBrake encrypted DVD

Many people are fond of ripping DVD to digital video for personal use. However, many film companies like Disney, Marvel use special copy-protected techniques to avoid illegal purposes of ripping.

HandBrake, in addition to a free video transcoder, is widely used to copy DVDs and stream films to TV. It’s a convenient way to back up DVD resources by copying them with HandBrake so you can watch movies with your portable devices at any time.

The steps of HandBrake DVD rip are easy. Just open the DVD source > Scan DVD titles > Check the main title > Choose a preset > Select the save location > Start Encode. Then you can find output files in the output folder.

However, during the ripping process, many people have met the HandBrake rip DVD copy protection issue. When you rip the home-made DVDs with HandBrake, everything is smooth. But it always fails when dealing with copy-protected DVDs. Some message like "your source may be copy protected, badly mastered or in a format which HandBrake does not support" will pop up or HandBrake won't rip entire DVD.

HandBrake can't copy protected dvd

HandBrake can't copy protected DVD

Can HandBrake decrypt DVDs? Actually, HandBrake copy DVD option is limited, as this software can’t copy commercial DVDs. In other words, HandBrake can’t decrypt copy-protected DVDs natively and if you really want to make HandBrake rip DVD copy protection successfully, you have to install a third-party tool. VLC player with the library of libdvdcss can help HandBrake to read copy-protected DVDs and even read the right main title.

Even though Libdvdcss can decrypt DVDs with CSS encryption technique and similar copy protections, people are still encountered with more advanced copy protections that Libdvdcss fails to decode. Meanwhile, the error HandBrake copy protection unsupported causes like HandBrake no valid source found or HandBrake DVD Rip Scrambled urges people to find a powerful HandBrake alternative.

The Best HandBrake Alternative to Decrypt DVDs Easily

WonderFox DVD Ripper Speedy supports DVD CSS, Region Code, Multi-angle, RCE, Sony ARccOS, UOP, Disney X-Project DRM and Cinavia protection removal. If you fail to fix HandBrake DRM removal issue or need a quick method, you can try this tool to copy almost all DVDs without any problem.

Free download this program and rip your DVDs immediately.

Rip Your DVDs with the Following Steps

Step 1. Load a DVD Source

Start-up this HandBrake alternative and load DVD content. Freely, you can import three types of import DVD source: DVD Disc, DVD ISO Image or Video_TS folder.

Import the DVD source

Import the DVD source

Step 2. Choose the Main Title

After importing the DVD source, the program will quickly remove copy protection from DVD and select the main title intelligently. It only needs 5 to 10 minutes to copy a DVD with 1:1 flawless quality. Moreover, this powerful software has set the smart parameters,. If you’re an experienced user, you can set the resolution, bit rate, encoder, and other settings for your own demands.

Find the main title

Find the main title

Step 3.Start Ripping DVD

Now tap the Run button for ripping your DVDs. With acceleration technology, your DVDs will be ripped soon. Click the Open Folder button and find the output videos.

Last step of ripping DVD

Last step of ripping DVD

Edit your video

Edit your video

Except for ripping any homemade DVD and copy-protected DVD, WonderFox DVD Ripper Speedy allows you to add subtitles SRT and ASS subtitles, and remove subtitles. For some people want to edit their videos, the built-in video editor provides crop and cut function to clip the desired parts of video. You can also add special effects for better visual experience.

Unlike HandBrake copy protection removal, which needs the third-party accessory but can only crack a few copy protected DVDs, WonderFox DVD Ripper Speedy can copy almost all DVDs including the copy-protected DVDs. Furthermore, this software takes less time.

Now, please download the Free DVD Ripper to complete your jobs.

More Special Features on WonderFox Free DVD Ripper (Speedy)

  • Rip home-made DVDs and copy-protected DVDs at sharp speed
  • Supports the common and latest protection techniques removal
  • Full support DVD Folder and ISO image as well
  • Improve video quality by changing resolution, bit rate
  • Edit videos by cutting and adding special effects
  • Add SRT and SSA subtitles to movies
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