Handily convert DVDs to 4K TV.
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How to Rip and Stream DVD to 4K TV (and HD TV, 8K TV)

With advancements in 4K TVs (and HDTVs, 8K TVs) bringing huge leaps in the picture and sound quality, watching as many hit movies as possible at home will be the happiest and most comfortable thing for home theater lovers. This need can be satisfied with a smart program that can copy the DVD content to 4K TV compatible formats. For your convenience, download the best DVD to 4K TV converter here in advance and keep reading to see the tutorial below:


DVD Converter
How to Convert DVD Movie to 4K TV
WonderFox DVD Video Converter: A Perfect DVD video converter that is capable of ripping DVDs to 4K TV with the fastest speed and simplest steps while maintaining the original DVD movie's high quality.
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Watch DVD Movies on 4K TV without DVD Player

Watch DVD Movies on 4K TV at Home without DVD Player

Watch DVD Movies on 4K TV at Home without DVD Player

As someone once said, “If it looks as though I spend most of my time sitting on the couch and watching TV, it's because my 4K TV is also my main computer monitor.” While in the past few decades, it seems that the only way to watch DVD movies on TV is through a DVD player. However, with the development of technology, here comes a better and more popular way to satisfy this need now. That is to rip and stream DVD to 4K TV, DVD to Android TV, DVD to 8K TV, DVD to HD TV and so on. After that, you can not only watch DVD movies on 4K TV without DVD player, but also have a perfect DVD copy.

Let Your DVD Go Digital with the Most Convenient Method

So here comes the question: how to convert DVD to 4K, and enable DVD movies to be compatible with different 4K TVs? A professional DVD converter or DVD ripper for TV is a must. With presets for Apple TV, Samsung TV, LG TV, Sony TV, Panasonic TV, Seiki TV, Sharp TV, Vizio, JVC TV, Toshiba TV and other TV brands, WonderFox DVD Video Converter is a "shining star” among its peers. This ripper is able to convert DVD to 4K, and make it perfectly match TVs.

But if you don’t find your TV on the list, don’t worry. This DVD to 4K ripper is able to convert DVDs to almost all the mainstream video formats. You just need to select one format compatible with your TV. For instance, both MKV and AVI are common and popular formats and this ripper can directly convert DVD to MKV, DVD to MPG, DVD to AVI, even DVD to MP4 and more.
This DVD ripping software is compatible with Windows 10/11 and lower.

Many Supported 4K TVs in WonderFox DVD Video Converter

Many Supported 4K TVs in WonderFox DVD Video Converter

Preparation: Free download and install this video converter on your computer, and insert your DVD into disc drive.

A Step-by-Step Tutorial: Convert DVD to 4K TV with High Quality

To rip and stream your DVD to TV, only 3 steps you should do.

Step 1: Open this this 4K DVD ripper and then click “Load DVD” to browse disc drive and import your DVD into this app. By the way, you can also add DVD folder and ISO file into it.

Step 2: Press “Output Format” on the upper right part of this ripper. Then head to Device part to press the “TV” icon to choose your TV device. Alternatively, you can also select one compatible format for your 4K TV on the Format panel.

Step 3: Hit on the “Run” icon to start to rip DVD to 4K TV.

Rip and Stream DVD to 4K TV with WonderFox DVD Video Converter

Rip and Stream DVD to 4K TV with WonderFox DVD Video Converter

Before you rip DVD disc to 4K TV, you can customize profile parameters in Settings to change resolution, change aspect ratio, change frame rate and more to match your 4K TV and get a satisfying DVD movie enjoyment on TV.

Additional options, if your TV has USB port, rip and transfer DVD to hard drive (mobile), DVD to USB drive are good choices. Moreover, you can convert DVDs to other devices, such as DVD to iPad, DVD to tablet and so forth. And to get a better watching experience, you can convert AVI to HD, SD to HD.

The digital DVD movie is saved on the output folder. When the DVD ripping process finishes, you can stream it from computer to your TV at home. Here I’d like to briefly introduce three ways to stream DVDs to 4K TV.

How to Stream the Ripped 4K DVD Movie to Your 4K TV

(1) If your TV supports USB port, copy the 4K TV rip movies and stream them via flash disk or mobile hard disk to be played on TV.

(2) If the TV comes with its own Android system, you can use the Android software to transmit/synchronize the DVD movie wirelessly.

(3) If you have an intelligent router (with hard drive) at home, copy the ripped DVD movie into the router, and then TV can directly read the digital video. Like AirPort Time Capsule by Apple.

Benefits for Converting DVDs to 4K TV

DVD to 4K TV (Much easier):

This will save you much time and effort in finding out your wanted DVDs among piles of DVDs and insert it into your drive every time.

DVD to 4K TV (Much safer):

We all know that scratch, damage on DVD collection is unforeseen and uncontrollable. This approach neatly sidesteps the sorts of issues.

DVD to 4K TV is to produce a digital video file (much more permanent):

It is common that you can’t find your DVDs after you clean up and rearrange the room. But things come different if you make a digital copy of DVDs. It can be saved forever as long as you do not delete it manually.

When the whole ripping and streaming process is over, you can freely watch DVDs on 4K TV without DVD player now. Just try and enjoy. Don't forget to download this professional DVD ripper software below.

Now, please download the DVD Video Converter to complete your jobs.

More Special Features of WonderFox DVD Video Converter

  • Make DVD to digital: dvd rip, dvd backup, remove copy-protections, remove region lock.
  • Video conversion: solving format/device compatibility issues and making vivid picture quality.
  • Download YouTube video and music to newest devices with retinal display optimization.
  • Lossless audio output; 5.1 channels dolby sound; DTS sound enhancement.
  • Up to 500+ formats and hot devices supported.
  • Video clip, crop and more useful edit features.
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Handily convert DVDs to 4K TV.

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