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2 Direct Ways to Compress iPhone Videos – Release iPhone's Storage Space

Author by Annie

Updated on Jan 31, 2023

Have you ever encountered the condition where you record videos with iPhone, there is a message saying “no storage space”? Indeed, videos take up too much storage space of iPhone, so, to free up iPhone’s space, the best solution is to reduce the size of iPhone videos. Here, we will share with you two direct ways on how to compress iPhone videos.

iPhone has the outstanding iSight camera and is able to record 4K and up to 60 FPS videos, which makes it one of the best mobile devices. So people love to record their wonderful moments using iPhone. But the high quality comes with a price: the size of video files becomes larger and larger, which causes too much trouble, like no storage space or failing to send via e-mail. There is parameter for reference: iPhone can shoot 4K videos, but the videos can take up about 400MB of iPhone’s storage space every minute. Surely it’s annoying because iPhone’s storage space is so limited and not expandable. So how to compress iPhone video for email? Here, we will share with you 2 methods to reduce iPhone videos’ size.

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Method 1. Simple Steps on How to Compress Video on iPhone

How to Compress Video on iPhoneHow to Compress Video on iPhone

iPhone supports changing the resolution before capturing videos. So, if you want to compress videos on iPhone, you can follow the steps to compress videos directly on iPhone.

First, go to Settings, the select Photos and Camera. Scroll down and tap Record Video, then, there will be 4 different resolutions, just choose the lower resolution to compress iPhone videos.

This method will make you lose the original quality of iPhone videos, and the picture of videos will be less clear. So, if you want to reduce iPhone videos yet preserve the high quality, then, an HD iPhone video compressor is exactly what you need.

Method 2. How to Compress iPhone Videos with Original Quality Preserved

Although we can reduce iPhone videos’ size by lowering the bit rate, the videos’ quality will definitely be damaged. So, is there any way to keep the original quality while compressing video size. Here, we highly recommend HD Video Converter Factory Pro to you for it can compress videos with original quality preserved. For example, it can compress 4K videos with the highest quality, compress AVI videos, and also can compress audio files. Therefore, with HD Video Converter Factory Pro, you can easily resize iPhone videos without any quality loss. Now, let’s follow the process to reduce iPhone video file size.

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2 Simple Steps to Reduce iPhone Videos' Size with the Highest Quality

Before we start the process, just free downloadfree download HD Video Converter Factory Pro and install it on our computer.

Import iPhone Videos

Step 1. Import iPhone Videos to the iPhone Video Compressor

To compress iPhone videos, first, launch the easy-to-use iPhone video compressor on your computer and open the Converter module, then click “Add Files” to add your iPhone videos to the program, or you can just drag and drop them to the main interface.

Begin to Compress Videos for iPhone with H.265 Encoder

Step 2. Compressing iPhone Videos using H.265 Encoder, Compression Settings or Lowering Bit Rate

As we know, the recorded iPhone videos are mostly encoded with H.264 encoder. And as the successor to H.264, H.265 performs better on compressing videos. It can keep your iPhone videos’ quality the same as much as possible when compressing to smaller size. So, if your iPhone supports H.265 encoder, we suggest you to reduce iPhone videos’ size with H.265 encoder. First, click the Output Format window on the right of the main interface and select H.265 for MP4 under the Video tab, then, click RUN button to wait for the compression process.

Begin to Compress Videos for iPhone by Compression Settings or Lowering Bit Rate

On the other hand, if you don’t know whether your iPhone supports H.265 encoder, you can just check the “Compression Setting” in the bottom of the main interface and drag the bar to control output video file compression ratio. Or you can simply click the Settings button and change the bit rate on the Settings window. In order to keep your iPhone videos in a good quality, we suggest not adjusting the compression settings bar or reducing the bit rate too much.

After you have finished the iPhone videos compression process, do not forget to transmit the converted videos back to your iPhone with Wi-Fi or a USB cable.

Need to Convert Your Compressed iPhone Videos to Other Formats? Try This One!

As we have mentioned above, you can easily compress iPhone videos even without any quality loss using HD Video Converter Factory Pro. But what if you want to convert the compressed videos to other formats, like converting MP4 to MPEG for making VCD/DVD, converting MP4 to WMV, or even convert videos to audio file. Don’t worry. HD Video Converter Factory Pro is also completely qualified for the tasks.

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