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Covert Video Cameras

Covert Video Camera

We all have one of those days when our brains just wouldn’t function properly, not even after the second cup of coffee. Information processing is at dial-up speed and we need to absorb as much data as possible. What are you going to do if you were in this semi-zombie state and you have a very important note-taking session coming up?

Get a covert video camera! Record boring lectures and complicated meetings with your pen, watch, bag, or even a book! There are also some that you can attach on your necktie, pocket, or a pack of gum.

A covert video camera may sound like something out of a spy movie, but a number of online gadget stores actually sell them. There are so many kinds to choose from with these available specifications (not comprehensive):

Video output: black and white, colored, high resolution, normal resolution
Operation: Automatic, push-button, motion or thermal activated
Audio output: only some record both audio and video
Recording process: wireless or wired to a TV, VCR, DVR or a recording system
Power: battery or electric socket
Recording storage: memory card, tapes, or hard drive
Recording length: depends on the storage capacity

For the purpose stated above, what you need is something that is tiny, stand-alone, and records both audio and video. The coolest and most natural looking would be a covert video camera in a pen, watch, book, or pin. They’re small and can actually function as what they externally are. However, most of these only record video. If you don’t mind lip-reading or just looking at the powerpoint presentation or board notes, then video only recorders would be enough. But if you want to get the whole experience, there are several options for covert video camera with audio recording capabilities. Examples are:

DVR Camcorder Pen
2GB, 4GB, and 8GB internal memory available
$119.95 for 2GB, $149.95 for 4GB, $249.95 for 8GB (sans shipping fee)
Can really be used as a pen
Connect to computer via USB
Up to 2 hours of recording on single charge of rechargeable battery
Recording length: maximum of 15 hours on 2GB, 30 hours on 4GB, and 40 hours on 8GB memory
Video resolution: 352*288 (2GB/4GB), 640x480 (8GB)

Mini Hidden Color Spy DVR Camera
$65.99 sans shipping fee
Can fit into a pack of gum
3gp video format, 640x480 pixels AVI resolution
Has a built-in 2GB microSD memory – expandable until 8GB
Up to 6 hours of recording
Rechargeable batteries
USB connection to computer

With one of these, you now can replay whole lectures and meetings and note down things you missed when your brain decided to go on a part-vacation. A lot more can be found by searching around spy gadget websites. Some offer really good prices and very innovative covert video camera models. Available also are home surveillance systems. Of course, there are laws regarding the legality of operating such devices so better check them out before buying one.


Covert Video Cameras
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